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FMA has overseen the design and construction of bridges for both residential and municipal developers. We’ve done just about everything in the book. Highway crossings? Check. Pre-fabricated stream crossings? Check. What about hydrologic and hydraulic design? Double check.

We’ll ask questions to help determine your needs, and then help pick the perfect model. However complex the job, our talented posse of ninjaneers will enable you to finish on time and on budget. No excuses. What is a ninjaneer? Glad you asked.

Rain does not move off the windscreen while traveling very slowly

Any rain that makes contact with the hydrophobic barrier created by the application of LifeProof Vision, will convert into water beads and sit on the windscreen barrier.

These beads provide an un-obscured visual while driving.

Once momentum has gathered while driving, the wind shear will force the water beads off the windscreen.

Wiper blades judder or move fractionally faster across the screen as if there is less resistance.

Should any wiper blade judder occur, this is most likely due to one of the following reasons:

  1. Although already cleaned while LifeProof Vision was being applied, please remove any dirt or grime from the wiper blade that may be visible.
  2. Check your wiper blades to see if they need replacing through over use or wear and tear.
  3. Simply wash the windscreen to clear away any contaminant’s that may have gathered on the surface following the LifeProof Vision application.

A whiteness or clear film appears on the screen sometimes, first thing in the morning.

Due to a different evaporation process, from morning humidity droplets, moisture on the screen has been affected by varying temperature changes within a certain range.

To remove this effect straight away, simply warm the screen using the vehicles heating system and it will disappear within seconds.

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