Construction Services

FMA ninjaneers serve a variety of roles that fall under the umbrella of Construction Services.

The role with the fanciest name is Resident Project Representative (RPR). The Tennessee Department of Transportation calls them Construction Engineering Inspectors (CEI), which has even more syllables! Project Manager isn’t quite right, and neither is babysitter. A RPR is more like an on-site quarterback or in-the-trenches construction administrator who is present throughout the building process to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

We can lend you one of our RPRs, complete with hard hat and good table manners, and we can also do the following to help your project go smoothly:

  • Conduct construction observations

  • Shop drawing reviews

  • Review pay requests

  • Attend progress meetings

  • Review requests for information (RFIs)

  • Review change orders (COs)

  • Prepare record drawings