What we do 

GIS Mapping

Prepare yourself because you’re about to read a lot of big words.

Geographic information systems (GIS) have changed the engineering game. Never before have we had the technology to create plans with such sophisticated spatial analysis and streamlined database management. Using GIS for engineering projects is like watching a movie on Blu-ray.

By using incredibly detailed designs, our ninjaneers are able to see and eliminate time-wasting hiccups long before they happen. With GIS, we can quickly respond to the stream of work orders, as-built drawings, and changes from the field. FMA is small enough to work smarter and faster, but large enough to avoid the bottlenecks that happen in smaller firms and cause the quality of data to deteriorate.

Our complete database management capabilities and implementation of nationally recognized data standard requirements enable us to exceed expectations, time after time. After all, the final product is only as good as the data used to create it.

The key components of GIS mapping, metadata and attribution give us the "who, what, where, when, and why." Whether we’re working with GPS, survey, digitization, conversion, or all of them at once, we’ll make the whole process paperless and sync it with what’s happening in the field in real time. Our workflow becomes just that—an uninterrupted flow of work.