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Mike MacIndoe 

Mike MacIndoe co-founded FMA with his business partner Billy Fulghum, and he is proud to have built an elite team of ninjaneers. Mike also happens to be an “enginerd,” but thanks to his lovely and forgiving wife Lisa, he has avoided arrest by the fashion police and managed to keep his love of math, technology, and all things engineering without losing his social skills.

Mike and Lisa have two children, Michael and Katy, who are patient with their father’s oddities. Under the guise of speaking with ASCE members, he often visits Tennessee Tech’s campus to embarrass them. When Mike isn’t herding cats at the office, he is relaxing with a good beer after a long run or watching sports, especially baseball.

If you have the pleasure of meeting Mike, you’ll notice his booming laugh. Don’t stand too close.

  • Ninjaneer Name: MacDaddy

  • Favorite Quote: “Hey Buddy!”

  • Guilty Pleasure: Craft Beer

  • Dork Alert: CANventions