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What is a Ninjaneer?

We’re glad you asked. We live by a Code that includes statements about how we treat each other, how we serve our clients, and how we commit to excelling in our profession. “Solutions” may be an overused word, but that’s what we provide: long-term, sustainable solutions for healthy structures, systems, and communities.

We help people leave legacies, albeit the quiet kind that serves an essential function behind the scenes. Excellent engineering is one of the bastions of stable communities, and if we didn’t truly believe that we’re working for the good of our local, regional, and national communities, then we’d pack our things and lock the doors.

Our reputation as one of the best, most progressive engineering firms in the country has taken years to build but could be lost in minutes. We don’t take it for granted.

We’re outliers and rebels—ninjaneers. We challenge the status quo, and to remain in the vanguard of our field, we have to keep learning new things and looking beyond conventional designs and canned answers to more innovative, efficient, reliable, and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Don’t let our attire fool you: we save the masks and edged weapons for costume parties, special ops, and weddings.

If you want to serve your community, do work that matters, and leave a mark on your community, then Fulghum MacIndoe & Associates just might be a good fit for you.

We’re always on the lookout for promising ninjaneers. Take a look at the Code below, and if you can stand behind it, then send us your resume. Who knows, you could be throwing stars in no time.

  1. Honesty, Integrity, Humility

  2. Hard Work

  3. Teamwork

  4. Master our craft & be the best

  5. Do what you say that you’re going to do

  6. Have Fun

  7. No surprises

  8. Take the high road

  9. No drama