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Randy Perry


You might call Randy Perry a “Keeper of Mice,” especially the blind variety. Back in the Dark Ages, Randy Perry used a TI 99A computer, but he has managed to change with the times. If your question involves technology, chances are, Randy can figure it out. He’ll fix all the problems you have, and some you don’t!

When Randy isn’t wrangling computers, he’s drawing incredibly detailed designs.

Randy never turns down a game of golf and looks forward to the day when his 18 handicap will land him a spot on the PGA tour. When he’s not losing golf balls, he’s reading the latest bestseller or, if it’s football time in Tennessee, tailgating with good friends. He has traveled to many interesting places, including France, Spain and LA (Lower Alabama).

Randy also enjoys traveling to annual conferences to keep his ninjaneering skills sharp, and though he may at first seem quiet, he always tried to find a way to make things fun.

  • Ninjaneer Name: CADnnibal

  • Quote: “Failure is not an option; it comes bundled with Windows.”

  • Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate Bock

  • Dork Alert: Still owns the TI 99A