WHat We Do 

Stormwater & Flood Studies

Okay; we admit that earning degrees in Civil Engineering didn’t help us win  Coolness Awards or popularity contests. But you know what is cool? Preventing erosion and minimizing flood damage.

FMA will help you accurately measure the quantity of water associated with your project development. That may mean getting the right permits or conducting FEMA no-rise analyses and CLOMR and LOMR floodplain studies to ensure that your new bridges remain intact. Regardless, you won’t lose sleep at night when the rains come a-tumbling down. We may not be able to prevent floods, but we can help protect your investment.

We’ll also design erosion and sediment control systems to preserve the quality of the water that enters rivers and streams in your area. Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) for construction activities; Special Pollution Abatement Permits (SPAP); and sustainable design (LEED) ensure that your commercial, residential, recreational, or industrial project has a low impact on your environment. You can sustain rather than weaken your community and take the “ER” out of “disaster” at the same time.

Civil engineering? Yes, please.