WHat We Do 

Water Distribution

Whether it’s in a booming downtown business block or a row of historic homes, a community’s infrastructure needs to grow with it. Our communities simply can’t thrive without safe, potable water brought to their taps by reliable water distribution systems, and as communities expand, so does their demand for water.

That’s where FMA comes in.

Whether they need modeling and design for an entirely new water distribution system or extensions for existing water mains, our residential, commercial, and municipal clients rely on our experience and expertise to bring them water distribution systems that keep up with the needs of their communities.

But our expertise doesn’t stop at design. For years, FMA has overseen the construction of water distribution systems. A job well done means minimizing the disruption experienced by community members who rely on the existing system. We also work directly with property owners throughout the process to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands clearly the effect that the project will have on their properties.

Just imagine…clear communication and fewer headaches. It can happen!